Tipping Tools

When it comes to Tipping a bartender it is not that complex.  But let me break it down for anyone that has a few questions.  Industry standard is for good service is 20% tip.  If you tip 15% the bartender knows your a cheap fucker.  If your not running a tab the main rule is to tip 1-2 dollars per drink.  This is pretty simple right?  Whether or not you think that the bartenders and servers should be paid more and not focus on tips its the standard.  Also at most places the bartenders have to tip out the bar backs a percentage of their sales.  Most of the time that is around 10% of their tips.  So if you tip out less than their tipout, you just made a bartender lose money. If you don’t tip just know that the entire bar staff will judge you.  So the moral of the story is to tip or the servers will give you bad service.

Water, the Hangover Cure

Water may not seem like the obvious choice to order at a bar but, it can save your night out.  Not only will water save you from that bad hangover but it will make your night last longer.  Being properly hydrated will keep you in good shape from being bent over in the bathroom.  Water will also help your wallet!  Saving that five bucks if every other drink is water will go a long way when you look at your bank account the next day.  Saftey is key when going out so remember H20 saves the day.